Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Transition to RemedyForce

Old habits are tough to break.  For over a decade, ESSD40 staff have requested IT support by email.  But the day-to-day IT service needs of the district have changed with the introduction of the 1:World initiative.  Tech department staff must work more efficiently to handle the increased demands of all the additional devices.  And IT service management standards have changed as well in the past decade.  The time has come for change.

On July 3, 2017 the Technology Department will begin a transition to a new system, BMC Remedyforce, as our IT service management system.  RemedyForce is a cloud-based service (as opposed to Track-It which is housed on a server in the district datacenter) that is built upon the platform.

For the past 10 years Track-It has served as an excellent tool but the district IT service needs have grown beyond what Track-It can support.  RemedyForce provides better access for all staff to IT support services through a self-service portal that's available through a web browser or an iOS or Android app.

For district staff, the process of requesting IT support will evolve to the use of the self-service portal that empowers staff, leverages mobile resources and automates the help request process.  For a short period of time after July 3, RemedyForce will accept IT requests via email but a new email address will be used:  Once the tech staff have developed request templates in the self-service portal for staff use, email submission of IT requests will cease.  At that point, all IT service requests will be submitted through the self-service portal.

More information will be posted as the switch-over date approaches including how to login to the self-service portal.  Desktop shortcuts to the web portal will be placed on staff Windows and Mac desktops and the iOS app will be pushed to devices as well as available in Self Service.  Email notifications will alert everyone to new information posted here on the tech blog.