Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Access the Remedyforce Self Service Portal

Remedyforce, the IT service management system used by the Excelsior Springs School District Technology Department, provides multiple ways to access its services.  Remedyforce is a cloud-based service and accessible from anywhere and on any device that has Internet connection.

On any district-managed device (such as a desktop computer, laptop or iPad) look for the icon shown at left.  Selecting this icon will open the default browser on the device and point the browser directly to the Remedyforce page.

For any device not managed by the district such as your personal computer, laptop or phone, enter this URL into the browser to access Remedyforce.

Remedyforce is built on the Salesforce web platform and Salesforce provides a robust app for mobile devices called Salesforce1.  Download the Salesforce1 iOS app from the Apple Play Store and the Android App from the Google Play Store.

Web access on any device requires login for the first time.  Using Google Apps for Education, the login process is easy.  The iOS/Android apps have an initial setup with several steps but once setup, the app remains authenticated for quick access.

Scroll to the section Web Access for the instructions on how to login to Remedyforce using Google Apps for Education.  Scroll further down to the iOS and Android App section to see the one-time setup instructions for the apps.

Note:  Click on any image to enlarge for greater detail.

Web Access

(scroll down for iOS/Android app instructions)

Users who will be primarily accessing Remedyforce from a desktop or laptop computer are strongly encouraged to bookmark the page in addition to the icon placed on the device by the Tech Department.

Begin by either selecting the icon on the desktop or home screen (example shown at right) or enter this link into the browser to access the self-service portal.

At the "Sign in with your Google Account" page, enter your district Gmail address (e.g., select Next, enter your password, then select "Sign in."

On the Remedyforce portal home page, select "Remedyforce Self Service."

The Self Service portal is similar to the image at right.

This video steps you through an overview of the self-service portal and how to request service through the portal.

iOS and Android App

Remedyforce is built on the Salesforce1 platform.  Therefore the app to download and install is named Salesforce1.  Download the iOS app from the Apple Play Store and the Android App from the Google Play Store.

Several steps are required for the initial app setup.  The good news is that these are one time only steps.

Note:  Click on any image to enlarge it for greater detail.

Find the downloaded app on the device home page and open it.  The very first time the app is opened, the EULA is presented.  Agree to it to move forward.

After the EULA is the standard Salesforce login page.  Select the "Use Custom Domain" option in the bottom right corner.

Type in the following custom domain:

Select Continue.

At the custom domain page which will have the Technology Department logo at the top, select the Google Apps for Education option at the bottom of the screen.

At the "Sign in with your Google Account" screen, enter your district Google Apps email address, select Next, enter your current Google Apps password, and select Sign In.

The next screen presents the Allow Access request.  This screen is customized for the iOS or Android platform so the image at right may not match exactly.  Select Allow.

The end screen is the Self Service screen.

As long as you do not sign out of the app, you will always see this screen each time you open the app after this initial setup.

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