Thursday, March 23, 2017

Layering Security: 2-Factor Authentication

How easily can someone steal your Google password?  The answer is "very easily!" Tricking you into simply clicking on a link is a popular method currently.  Regardless of how careful all of us try to be in this digital age with protecting our passwords, any of us can be duped at some point.

Like many service providers, Google offers another layer of account protection called 2-Step Verification also known as 2-factor authentication.  2-Step verification helps protect your account by adding an extra protective layer to your password.  Everyone has a password, something you know.  The extra layer is something you have like your phone, an app, or a security key.  Everyone attempting to access your account without your consent is blocked because they still need your phone or Security Key.

Check out Google's post on 2-Step Verification at for more information.

After reading through the information, click on the Get Started button to begin 2-Step setup for your account.  Here's the direct link if you're ready to start now

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