Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity Options

ESSD40 has taken several steps to upgrade and expand wireless network access, broadband internet speeds, and access to district wi-fi.  Here is a summary of the available resources and where to find more information.


  • All district-issued Wi-Fi enabled student devices are pre-configured for Wi-Fi access. 
  • Student personal devices are not permitted to connect to district Wi-Fi.


  • All district-issued Wi-Fi enabled staff devices are pre-configured for Wi-Fi access. 
  • Staff personal devices can access district Wi-Fi through the Staff BYOD Access which requires authentication with staff username and password.  Follow this link for instructions.


  • Guests to the district can access district Wi-Fi through a Guest Login.  See instructions here for obtaining a Guest Wi-Fi pass in advance.
  • Guests may also login to a district wired computer through the guest login.  See the instructions here for the login information.

Access Locations
All district-issued wi-fi enabled devices will automatically connect to any district wi-fi access point at any building.  In addition to connectivity inside the buildings, each of the district instructional buildings and administrative offices have an outdoor Wi-Fi access point available 24/7/365.

All devices accessing the internet through district Wi-Fi or wired connectivity are subject to monitoring and content filtering.