Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Act Now!

"goodbye" by woodleywonderworks
Saying good-bye is never an easy thing. No one ever said an email address would stay forever. But the path to a new address was blazed, we made the journey, and now the time is approaching to bid farewell to the past.

In May 2016 district email services were migrated from a Microsoft Exchange server physically housed in our datacenter using * for the email address to cloud-based Gmail using At that time all email messages still sent to * addresses were set to redirect to the new * address and no longer saved on the old MS Exchange server. No one lost email to the old addresses and everyone could still access old emails stored on the Exchange server.

The time is near to let go of the old email address and say goodbye to the Exchange server. During Summer 2017 the Tech Department plans to turn off the old Exchange server, literally. When that server is no longer available, any email sent to * will not reach the user. And, users will not be able to access email that was stored on that server.

For the next several months think about the following steps. Verify that everyone with whom you routinely correspond is using your new address. Check your contacts or address book to remove or update any addresses you have for others. Still using your old address as username and contact for any web services? Login and update your account settings to use your account. During the migration everyone was given the option of bringing over email from the Exchange server to the Gmail account. If you did not take advantage of that, you should take action to be certain you have any email from the old server you wish to keep. If you did take advantage of the migration offer, be certain you have everything you want from the old server. While this isn't a comprehensive to-do list, hopefully it will help you begin thinking about what you need to do to prepare.

"Act Now" by Michael Tapp

Take action now to ensure you are ready to wave good-bye to the email address.