Monday, November 7, 2016

Feedback Opportunities

For several years ESSD40 staff have had the opportunity to provide feedback to the tech department through the use of a "How Did We Do?" survey provided in each closed ticket notification. Another feedback pathway is now available to everyone that goes beyond a response to a completed help request.

How Did We Do?

Each closed work order notification includes the following line:

The link in the work order notification message is to the survey shown at right. Responses are completely anonymous and each survey question is voluntary.  The tech department is ecstatic that the overwhelming responses are positive as indicated by several posted here.  Occasionally, we do receive a less-than-positive response. When that response provides information from which we can learn from our mistakes, we make every possible effort to improve and avoid future issues.

Ask IT!

An additional avenue for staff to provide feedback is the new Ask IT! survey now live at . This survey has one question only, "I would like to know . . ." And, just like the "How Did We Do?' survey, "Ask IT!" is completely anonymous and voluntary. Whenever possible, answers to questions posted in this survey will be answered in subsequent blog posts or through other, internal communication venues.

The "Ask IT!" URL will be made available in every help request email notification as shown below.

We hope you will take advantage of one or both of these opportunities to dialogue with us.