Thursday, April 21, 2016

Preparation for Gmail

On or near May 4th, all district email services will be entirely provided by Google Gmail through the Google Apps for Education service. (See earlier announcement at This move provides, among other things, email hosting at no cost, significantly more storage capability, and allows email services to all students. Here is information about the change process, what to expect during the process, and how to prepare.


Two stages are involved in the change process: redirection and migration.

Redirection   The redirection stage is the action of telling the Exchange server to take all email to the account and send it to the address. To the staff member, the end result is no new emails to the and the staff member checks all new email at Any email sent to the is automatically redirected to Gmail and no longer stored in Exchange.

Migration   The migration stage is the action of copying email, contacts, and calendar items from the account to the account. A tech staff member works with staff member to accomplish this step. When completed, all contacts, calendar items and any email from July 1, 2015 now appear in the Gmail account.


Before May 4th   Anyone who sends a help request before May 4th to have email moved to Gmail will have a dialogue with the tech department through that ticket for both stages of the process. The staff member will be told when the redirection was completed and a technician will be in contact to perform the migration step.

After May 4th   All remaining accounts will be redirected at once. Staff members will no longer see new email in Outlook or the web Outlook. Staff members will have to check for new email at Tech department staff will then reach out to all remaining staff with a help request ticket to schedule the migration process.

Old Email

The tech department intends to keep the Exchange server online for at least a year or more; so, everyone can access past email for at least a year. Note that the migration stage will copy all email from July 1, 2015 to the date of redirection from Exchange to Gmail. If staff members want email stored in Exchange before July 1, 2015 to appear in Gmail, the staff member can forward the email to the address.


Staff can actually choose to do nothing to prepare for the transition. The end results for the staff member who takes this approach looks like this:
  • The staff member checks for new mail at,
  • The staff member uses the new email address for all new correspondence, and
  • The staff member checks back at for old email and contacts.
  • The staff member forwards any old email and contacts to the account as needed.
However, I recommend at least the following steps from everyone before the May 4th date.
  • Remove all emails from the inbox and subfolders you no longer wish to keep.
  • Empty the Sent items folder
  • Empty the Deleted Items folder after performing the first two steps.
  • Begin notifying contacts of the new email address.

Post any questions below in the comments section and I'll respond there for everyone's benefit.  Or, contact me directly with your questions.


  1. What is the easiest way to send out the new e-mail address to all of the contacts?

    1. Here is one way of notifying contacts once you've had your contacts migrated into Gmail

  2. If we have subfolders will they also be copied over? Or will only the e-mails transfer? Wondering if I should set the folders up now.

    1. Subfolders are copied over during the migration.