Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Systems Administrator Day!

SysAdmin Day . . . Last Friday in July.  Always.

Systems Administrators.  Every IT department has at least one.  IT just doesn’t run smoothly without them.  Sometimes they double as IT technicians, sometimes they only do one small part of the entire sys admin role, sometimes they don’t have the title but still have the responsibilities.  Want to know what a Sys Admin does?  Check here.

Our “A-Team” of Sys Admins consists of Adam Brandon and Amy Allen.

Amy Allen, Student Information Systems Administrator
Adam Brandon, Systems Administrator

Thank-you A & A for your dedication to education IT services.  Both Sys Admins approach their responsibilities with a strong commitment to providing a technology-rich learning environment for students and reliable technology tools to staff.  Each of them did their time in the classrooms as building techs and therefore have a clear understanding of how much their work affects the daily operations of a school district.  Their perseverance, wisdom and counsel is much appreciated.

SysAdmin Day is also a time to express appreciation to all the ESSD tech staff.  Each of these dedicated staff members work hard to make all the tech “things” work. 

Patty Kistner,
Help Desk Technician
Jeff Daul, Leigh McKinney, Romeo Templeton
Building Technicians

Thank-you Patty, Amy, Adam, Jeff, Leigh, and Romeo for all you do to make tech work for everyone at ESSD.

I am truly honored to work with such a great team!

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