Friday, June 19, 2015

Microsoft Office for You . . . and You . . . and You!

Need Microsoft Office for home use?  As an employee or student of Excelsior Springs School District, this powerful software suite is now available for download.  And it is easier than ever before.

Through a couple of licensing options to the district, Microsoft has made available a dizzying array of their flagship products through Office Online free to qualifying district employees and current students and available for downloading on up to 5 PC's or Mac's.  As long as your district network account remains active, you can continue to use this collection of powerful productivity products.

Access your Office Online account and download your software through these steps.

  • Open any browser and visit
  • Login with these credentials:
    • Username:  [district_username]
      • Example:  John Wayne with username jwayne would login as
      • Password:  Your current network password (the one you use to logon to a district computer)
  • Setup your preferences and begin using Office Online.

Employees who are unable to login or do not have the licensing to download the software should submit a help request by sending an email to the Tech Department,

Students and parents of students who are unable to login or do not have the licensing to download the software should contact the teacher of the student who will submit a help request to the Tech Department on your behalf.

Office Online will replace all previous programs provided by the district to employees and students for Microsoft Office use at home.


  1. Is this a lifetime subscription or is it a 3 year one?

    1. Neither. As long as you have a valid Office365 username and password. Or until Microsoft changes the licensing.