Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Four Fall Digital Chores

For the reasons explained below, I am asking everyone to perform the following four digital chores.

1.  Open every folder of your email account (except for the Deleted Items folder).

2.  Once #1 has been completed, open the Deleted Items folder.

  • Either empty the Deleted Items folder or
  • Sort by Date and delete anything older than 1 year.

3.  Decrease the amount of files stored in your My Documents/Libraries/U:  drive.

  • Remove any videos or music files by moving them to your Google Drive, moving them to removable storage, or uploading them to your personal channel on the district's Safari Montage server at https://safari.estigers.k12.mo.us.  (Login to Safari with your network username/password).
  • Remove any pictures not immediately needed by moving them to your Google Drive, removing them to removable storage, or uploading to your personal channel on the Safari Montage server.
  • Remove all other files not needed for this school year.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin on your computer.

4.  Decrease the amount of files stored in collaboration shares.  Remove all files not currently needed.


November 21 (or earlier).  All file storage areas reduced.  After that date we may have to remove some files.  See "Why?" for more information.

December 15 (or earlier).  All email accounts cleaned up.  After that date, the tech department will remove files for you from the Sent and Deleted Items folder that are over 1 year old.


Primarily because of current equipment upgrades and the need to postpone other equipment upgrades.

Email must be cleaned up so that we can upgrade the 7-year old mail server to the latest and greatest over Christmas Break.  File storage needs to be reduced so we can migrate the remaining files over to a new storage server over Thanksgiving Break.  We attempted to move storage file shares during a recent 4-day break but couldn't complete the process due to large amount of stuff everyone has stashed.

Email and file storage needs to be reduced so we can postpone upgrading the backup server for at least another year.  Over half of the backup storage capacity is currently utilized by email and user files.  We are not able to backup critical servers because of this.  That must change.

Now that all staff have Google Apps for Education, everyone has 30Gb of cloud storage which is far greater than the 4Gb provided on district servers.  Furthermore, staff can access Google Drive anywhere you have Internet access.  Files stored on district servers are only accessible in the district on desktop or laptop computers, not on mobile devices.

Multimedia files such as videos and music are huge storage hogs.  Staff now have a variety of options that better accommodate mobile devices and support working from outside the district.  Multimedia files can be uploaded to Google Drive, YouTube, or the district Safari Montage server (https://safari.estigers.k12.mo.us) for access anywhere Internet access is available and from any Internet-enabled device.  Use these storage alternatives to move multimedia files from district file servers.  Very soon we will implement restrictions on the storage of these types of files on the internal district file servers.

Thank-you for your attention to these digital chores and for completing them as quickly as possible.  If you need any help, send an email to help@estigers.k12.mo.us and a technician will be in contact with you.

Why?” by Bart Everson is licensed under CC by 2.0.

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