Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy System Administrator Day

The last Friday of July . . . System Administrator Day.  "Always has been on the Last Friday of July.   It has never been on any other day." (From the official SysAdmin Day webpage.)  Wondering what is a system administrator?  Check here.

Thank-you to these excellent folks in the ESSD technology department for their efforts and dedication to maintaining, designing, and expanding the district technology services to support all the functions of the district.  Without them, . . . well, . . . I'd rather not think about technical services without them.  They are three of the unsung heroes in the district.

Amy, Student Information System Administrator Tim, System Administrator Adam, Network Administrator

So to celebrate System Administrator Day, we're taking the day off!  (Yes, really, we're off July 25.  Look here at our summer schedule.)


  1. Happy System Administrator Day to each and every one of you!!! You guys "ROCK"!!! This entire district would fall apart without you! Thanks for everything that you do!!! :)

  2. Who knew? Happy SysAdmin Day and enjoy your day off tomorrow!