Monday, July 21, 2014

Classroom Technology Setup: 2014 Edition

All ESSD support staff are doing the summer dance around each other to complete all the projects and have offices and classrooms ready for the start of school.  Building technicians are performing classroom and office technology setups while also installing Apple TV's and wireless access points.  They will continue setting up classrooms until the day before students arrive.  

Building technicians will perform the following during the room setup:

1. Verify the teacher computer and phone is assembled, network connected, and functioning.
2. Verify the computer can display on the classroom multimedia display (i.e. SMARTboard or LCD TV).
3. Update anti-virus software.

If time permits the technician will also verify the Apple TV device can display as well.

When the technician has completed the classroom technology setup, the teacher will see a help request ticket updated and closed.    If you continue to experience problems after the classroom setup ticket is closed, please either respond to the closed notification with a description of the problem (which will automatically reopen the ticket) or send in a new help request.

On behalf of all the support staff, I ask that you postpone as long as possible attempting to get into your classroom.  I know you are anxious and excited to be totally prepared for that first day.  Help us help you be ready by letting us have as much time as possible to complete all the preparations that make your classroom work for you.  Thanks!

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  1. It's so hard to stay away! Enjoy the rest of your summer!