Thursday, February 27, 2014

ESSD Tech Recycles

 Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

Many hours of effort by technology department staff is invested in this motto.  When an item of technology leaves the department for recycling (not trash), that item has gone through the reduce and reuse stages, sometimes more than once.

Every computer, monitor, projector, keyboard, mouse, printer, tablet, printer, switch, router, etc. that is tagged as not working is repaired unless the repair exceeds the cost of a replacement device. When desktop and laptop computers are replaced with new units, the old units are reused to replace even older units elsewhere in the district and to add additional computers to classrooms where network access is available.  Desktops and laptops are kept in service until they are unable to run the required operating system (OS) and/or applications.

No technology items managed by the technology department go in waste headed for a landfill.  Any item of value is first declared surplus by the Board of Education.  Some surplus items are used as trade-in for replacement equipment of like kind.  Other surplus items are posted to for purchase.  All remaining items not purchased, used as trade-in or part of the minutiae of technology (e.g. miscellaneous cords, plastic pieces, metal, etc.) are recycled.

The technology department has recycled literally tons of e-waste since March 2013.  That’s 4.2 ton to be exact, at no cost to the district.

Vintage Tech Recyclers has been our most recent recycling partner.  Take a look at how this organization
handles e-waste by visiting their website

I am proud of this department’s efforts and promise that we will continue to devote the time and effort to responsibly dispose of the district’s used technology resources.

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