Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Public Computers

From the November 6, 2013 SANS Security Awareness Tip of the Day

"Don't enter your username and password on any computer you don't control.  Using public computers will always carry the risk of exposing your personal data. "Public" computers — as in college library computers."  Read the complete tip at http://www.sans.org/tip_of_the_day.php

A relative of mine (who I will call Denny Crane) recently experienced this!  See the screenshot at right . . .

The student had used the saved Facebook credentials to log in as Denny Crane to Denny Crane's Facebook page and post this message on Denny Crane's Facebook wall.  Thanks to the thoughtfulness (?) of the student, Denny Crane had the chance to change his password.

No word on whether the student was successful in removing Denny Crane's credentials from the computer.

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