Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Last Day

“The last day is way shorter than counting to ten.”
― Leena Ahmad Almashat, Harmony Letters

The level of difficulty in writing farewells seems to be directly proportional to the square of the amount of goodwill for the departing personnel.  I'm really struggling on this one.

When I started with the district in May 2008, Seth McCauley was one of five members of the tech department.  We had over 600 open work tickets in the help request system and every morning greeted us with the fear of another emergency for the day that pulled us away from dealing with classroom technology problems.  At that time, Seth was a building tech who also handled some network administrative work.
Caricature circa 2009 by Sam List

Along with every member of the department then and since then, Seth helped bring all things technology-related into better control.  In 2009 he moved into full-time Network Administration when additional staff was added to the department.  With his help we cleared out the back log of work tickets and continued replacing technology hardware which resulted in considerably fewer emergencies.

By 2011, Seth was administering multiple technology systems, servers and a larger network administration team.  As a result we dubbed him Systems Administrator.

Seth has always enjoyed the programming and scripting side of technology.  Many times Seth and I discussed his love of the minutiae associated with these.  His next career step takes him in that direction with Joe's DataCenter.  His last day is Thursday of this week.

Thank-you Seth for the many, long hours you dedicated to the students of the Excelsior Springs School District by managing, guiding, repairing, planning, designing, and fretting over the technological hardware and infrastructure.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all who came in contact with you over the years.

You will be missed.

Seth's last day will go by too fast.

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