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How well do you know your substitute?  How much do you trust your substitute?

Would you leave your purse or wallet in the desk guarded by your substitute while you’re gone?

I knew several substitutes I trusted with my classes in my absence—even requested those prized people.  A trusted, caring, responsible substitute is worth every dollar he or she earns.

But the substitute is no one I would trust with my network username and password.  From the substitute’s perspective, that’s too much responsibility.  From the absent teacher’s perspective, that’s a disaster in the making.

A staff member’s network username and password is the gateway to such things as:

  • District email account
  • Electronic gradebook
  • Social network accounts both professional and personal (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Personal and district documents stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, or Sky Drive
  • Bank accounts if links are stored in the browser on the district computer.
  • Personal Email

Sharing your username and password with a substitute because it is convenient is not only against ESSD Board of Education policy but also a huge security risk--and is just poor planning.

Under ESSD policy, substitutes are eligible for network accounts which provides access to your classroom computer under the substitute’s name if you make that request in advance.  Many frequent substitutes already have accounts that may be activated the day before or the day of their service.  Check with your building administration to learn how you should make the request.

Furthermore, check with your building administration about building policies regarding lesson plans left for substitutes that require network access.  If such substitute lesson plans are allowed, contact the tech department at help@estigers.k12.mo.us for ideas about how to leave content requiring networked resources for substitutes.

Teachers have plenty of sources for stress.  Don't create another one by allowing yourself to be hacked because you purposely revealed your username and password.

P.S.  Please take down the sticky note on the monitor with your username and password.  And the one under the keyboard, too.

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