Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Simple Keystrokes

The car was a Volkswagen Rabbit parked outside the cafeteria.  We were four high school sophomores engorged from a high calorie school lunch.  (Back in the 20th century the USDA requirements for school lunch programs were quite different, I gather!)  The driver was Mr. Allen, our favorite teacher and wrestling coach. When we were finished, the car was toted around the corner, out of sight.  The look on Mr. Allen's face was priceless.  Afterwards, we all laughed and Mr. Allen drove us back to the high school.

Take a ride in the virtual time machine to today.  What would we have done if Mr. Allen’s room was unlocked as well as his computer?  An email from his district mail account to an administrator?  Grades changed in the electronic gradebook?  A post to his personal (or official district) social network account?  Inappropriate images posted?

What would students slipping into your unlocked room do on your unlocked computer?  How about strangers in the building?

Don’t walk away from your computer without touching two keys:

Windows and L.

Takes very little time to do.

Might save a lot of time recovering from mischief or malice perpetrated from your district network account.


  1. For this post's giveaway: first two district staff members to email the promise "I will always lock my computer" will win a cool USB flash drive. Previous winners are not eligible.

  2. Congrats to D. Gaul, CO. She's made the pledge. Who's next?