Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Patty, Classified Employee of The Month!

From Dr. David Lawrence, Deputy Superintendent.

Congratulations to Patty Kistner, June Classified Employee of the Month!! Patty will be recognized at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting at 7:00pm in the Board of Education room at the Early Childhood Center. Below are some of the comments from her nomination form:

As the Technology Department secretary, Patty Kistner has been instrumental in providing quality customer support for the technology users of the district.  Patty is the first person to view all help request tickets that arrive in the system, assign them to the appropriate technician and alert the technician if the issue may be urgent.  She is an advocate for the end user and has been instrumental in guiding this department through a better understanding of the importance of improving customer service.

Incoming calls from staff and district patrons for both the Technology Department and the Early Childhood Center are handled by Patty with courtesy and professionalism.  Although Patty is the bane of many cold-calling vendors who quickly realize she is not easily bluffed into letting them through, she understands the workings of the department, the ECC, and the district to know when a vendor call should be considered. Mornings and afternoons start nearly every day with the delightful squeals of the preschool kids greeting “Miss Patty” when they arrive.

Patty is an ardent supporter of the school district and students.  She is actively involved in the Quarterback Club and has been instrumental in raising thousands of dollars for the organization that are returned to the students of the district.

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