Thursday, April 4, 2013

Online Safety for Kids

Remember the Information Superhighway metaphor?  How many devices can your kids now use to travel down that road?  And how can parents make sure their kids are safe while on the journey?

A computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone are easily recognized devices taking the on-ramp.  But what about that gaming console?  Internet-connected TV?  Maybe even the refrigerator?

How does the modern parent protect the tech-savvy kid online?

This month's SANS Security Awareness Newsletter covers the idea of protecting kids online.  Read through the full newsletter here.

Then come back to this blog page to check out the posts at the bottom.  I'll be posting a quiz question and a reward for reading the newsletter.


Now that you've read the newsletter, here's your quiz question:

According to the newsletter, what is the most effective method for monitoring children's online activities?

Send your answer via e-mail to me.  I have two MIS Technologies beverage holders to the first and second correct respondents.  The contest is open to all ESSD40 staff and faculty--with the exception of the tech department members who should already know this answer without the need to read the article.


  1. Winner #1, C. Harris, Lewis Elementary. One beverage holder remains!

  2. Winner #2, M. Andrews, Westview Elementary. All the beverage holders are gone. :(