Friday, February 1, 2013

3 Questions

Friday giveaway time!

Playing for a Calvary 1TB external hard drive to the first person to correctly answer all three questions.

2nd and maybe 3rd persons to correctly answer all three questions will win a cool ESSD40 Technology Department USB flash drive.

Technology department staff are excluded (especially Brian).  All other ESSD40 staff are eligible.

E-mail your answers to Wayne.

Question 1:  What is the Windows keyboard key combination to lock the computer without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE?

Question 2:  ESSD40 computers are not forced to shutdown on which weeknight?

Question 3:  Can ESSD40 employees request an upgrade to Windows 2010 for their district computer?


  1. Grand prize winner, C. Rice, LE. Two cool USB flash drives remaining. Who's the next winner?

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    1. Cathy has a set of correct answers but I shouldn't leave them up for everyone to see just yet! Your cool USB flash drive is on the way. One flash drive remains . . . who's the final winner?

  3. Marla B, HS is the final winner of a cool USB flash drive for this contest. Congrats, Marla!

  4. The correct answers:

    1. Windows + L
    2. Wednesday
    3. Yes or no, depending on your reasoning! Yes, you can request but the request would be denied. There is no Windows 2010 operating system. You may request an upgrade to Office 2010 although we are nearing full deployment of Office 2010.

    Thanks to everyone who played.