Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Digital Library

I love to read.  A library or a bookstore can break down my willpower like Kryptonite knocks out Superman. 

But I don’t love carrying around a book.  And carting a bunch of books looks too, well, bookish.  My smartphone holds several books at once thanks to the technology of e-books.  Thanks to libraries like the ESSD digital library, I can checkout and download to my smartphone several books at once!  And nobody is the wiser.   Plus I don’t have to worry about overdue books because the digital books check themselves back into the library for me.  How cool is that?

ESSD students in grades 6 – 12 can checkout digital books from the Digital Library 24/7/365 using their existing library accounts.  ESSD staff at all buildings have the same access as well.  Students and staff wanting to learn more may contact their building Media Center specialist. 

For more information checkout the links at the Middle School and High School library pages.

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