Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ESSD Copy and Print Guide

The Excelsior Springs School District provides staff with multi-function printers (MFP) in each building to handle all copy and print needs.  These feature-packed document processors are a one-stop location for copying, printing, and scanning and allow for remote access to many of the functions.  Some machines provide faxing and color printing with approved access.  This document brings together basic information everyone needs to begin using these devices.

The ESSD Network Printer and Copier guide contains instructions for installing the MFP as a network printer, setting up the user authentication code, and setting up the locked print feature for a single print job and for all print jobs.  Further information about features available through user authentication codes is included at the end of the document.

Where is it?
Staff may access this guide in two convenient locations:
1.  In the Forms section of the Technology Department landing page on the district website,

2.  In the Search for Solutions section of the Self Service Center.  Search on the term "printer guide".

If you can't remember where the guide may be found, you can always send an email to asking for a copy and a technology department staff member will respond.

More Information
Anyone interested in exploring the advanced features of these powerful MFP's have several options available.

1.  Ricoh user manuals for all the MFP's are linked from the Technology Department landing page on the district website,

2.  Questions about how to use a feature or general questions about the devices may be sent in an email to and the Printer Fleet Manager or another Technology Department staff member will respond.

3.  Ricoh provides professional trainers to work with building staff on how to use the basic and advanced features of all district MFP's.  To schedule a Ricoh trainer, send an email to and a Technology Department staff member will coordinate the training event with your building administration.

4.  The district Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) provides targeted training opportunities to individuals and buildings over the use of the MFP's that is focused on your unique curricular and document management needs.  To request training from the ITC, send an email to and the ITC will respond.

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