Thursday, November 15, 2012

Double The Security: Two-Factor Authentication

Do you use the same username and password for more than one site?  Maybe you use the same username/password combination for your bank account as your G-mail?  That's not unheard of.

Two-factor authentication is the next level of Internet security all of us should consider.  The latest edition of Ouch!, the monthly security awareness newsletter for computer users from SANS discusses 2-factor authentication.  Read the article here.


  1. According to the SANS Ouch! article, what is a common example of two-factor authentication?

    First correct response posted by an ESSD district staff member as a comment to this blog article wins a a Kensington slim case protective cover and stand for an iPad2.

  2. ATM Cards!!!!
    -Christy Harris at Lewis

  3. We have a winner!

    Christy is correct. According to the article, ATM cards are an example of two-factor authentication.

    Way to go Christy! You're iPad cover is on the way . . .