Monday, April 3, 2017

March 2017 By The Numbers

March 2017 became the 2nd highest month for new help requests for the department.  Here are the details as compiled from the help desk ticket system.  See March 2016 here.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Protecting Yourself: Email Phishing and Scams

SANS Securing the Human Project has published two excellent resources in the OUCH! Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter focusing on email phishing and email scams.  Here are links to the resources:

Layering Security: 2-Factor Authentication

How easily can someone steal your Google password?  The answer is "very easily!" Tricking you into simply clicking on a link is a popular method currently.  Regardless of how careful all of us try to be in this digital age with protecting our passwords, any of us can be duped at some point.

Like many service providers, Google offers another layer of account protection called 2-Step Verification also known as 2-factor authentication.  2-Step verification helps protect your account by adding an extra protective layer to your password.  Everyone has a password, something you know.  The extra layer is something you have like your phone, an app, or a security key.  Everyone attempting to access your account without your consent is blocked because they still need your phone or Security Key.

Check out Google's post on 2-Step Verification at for more information.

After reading through the information, click on the Get Started button to begin 2-Step setup for your account.  Here's the direct link if you're ready to start now

Monday, March 13, 2017

February 2017 By The Numbers

February 2017 saw a reduction in the number of new help requests to the lowest in four years.  The drop gave the department the opportunity to address older, postponed issues.  Here are the details as compiled from the help desk ticket system.  See February 2016 here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January 2017 By The Numbers

This photo "9.366: Is 15 pairs enough I ask myself..." by Kit has little to do with the month of January except for the fact that it is dated "9th January 2012".  But wow!  That's a lot of shoes for one guy.

January 2017 ushered in the new calendar year and our January "bump" in tickets.  Here are the statistics for the ESSD40 Technology Department as compiled from the help desk ticket system.  See January 2016 here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity Options

ESSD40 has taken several steps to upgrade and expand wireless network access, broadband internet speeds, and access to district wi-fi.  Here is a summary of the available resources and where to find more information.


  • All district-issued Wi-Fi enabled student devices are pre-configured for Wi-Fi access. 
  • Student personal devices are not permitted to connect to district Wi-Fi.


  • All district-issued Wi-Fi enabled staff devices are pre-configured for Wi-Fi access. 
  • Staff personal devices can access district Wi-Fi through the Staff BYOD Access which requires authentication with staff username and password.  Follow this link for instructions.


  • Guests to the district can access district Wi-Fi through a Guest Login.  See instructions here for obtaining a Guest Wi-Fi pass in advance.
  • Guests may also login to a district wired computer through the guest login.  See the instructions here for the login information.

Access Locations
All district-issued wi-fi enabled devices will automatically connect to any district wi-fi access point at any building.  In addition to connectivity inside the buildings, each of the district instructional buildings and administrative offices have an outdoor Wi-Fi access point available 24/7/365.

All devices accessing the internet through district Wi-Fi or wired connectivity are subject to monitoring and content filtering.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

December 2016 By The Numbers

Numbers by duncan c
December 2016 brought the anticipated decline in help requests with the total remaining higher than Dec 2015 but not the highest in the past four years.  Here are the statistics for the ESSD40 Technology Department as compiled from the help desk system.